Mark 9: 38-43, 45, 47-48

[From The Gospel as Revealed to Me by Maria Valtorta, chapter 352.13/15]

[In Capernaum, Jesus is teaching His Apostles]

[…] And beware lest you should scandalise one of these little ones, whose eyes see God. You must never scandalise anybody. But woe betide three times those who soil the innocent purity of children! Let them be like angels as long as possible. The world and flesh are too repugnant to souls coming from Heaven! And a child, through his innocence, is still entirely a soul. Respect the soul of a child and his body as you respect a sacred place. And a child is sacred also because he has God within himself. The temple of the Spirit is in every body. But the temple of a child is the most sacred and intimate, it is beyond the double Veil. Do not even allow the wind of your passions to shake the curtains of their unawareness of concupiscence.

I would like a child in every family, among every gathering of people, to check the passions of men. A child sanctifies, brings solace and freshness through the simple glance of his innocent eyes. But woe to those who despoil children of their holiness through their scandalous behaviour! Woe betide those who teach children wickedness through their debauchery! Woe betide those who by means of their words and irony injure the faith children have in Me! It would be better if a millstone were tied round the neck of each of them and they were thrown into the sea to be drowned together with their scandal. Woe to the world that scandalises such innocent souls! There must indeed be scandals, but alas for the man who provides them.

No one is entitled to do violence to his body or to his life. Because life and body are given to us by God and He only is entitled to take them entirely or in part. I tell you that if your hand causes you to sin, it is better that you cut it off, and if your foot causes you to give scandal, it is better if you cut it off. It is better for you to enter into Life crippled or lame, than to be thrown into eternal fire with two hands and two feet. And if it is not sufficient to have one hand or foot cut off, have also the other hand or foot cut off, so that you may no longer scandalise, but you may have time to repent before being thrown into the unquenchable fire, which tortures like a worm for ever. And if your eye should cause you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. It is better to be one-eyed, than be in hell with both eyes. With one eye or without eyes you could see in Heaven the Light, whereas with two scandalous eyes you would see darkness and horror in hell. And nothing else.

Remember that. Do not scandalise the little ones, do not despise them, do not deride them. They are worth more than you are, because their angels always see God, Who tells them the truth to be revealed to children and to those whose hearts are like those of children.

And love one another like children, without disputes and without pride. And be at peace with one another. Be peaceful-minded towards everybody. You are brothers, in the name of the Lord, not enemies. There must be no enmity among Jesus’ disciples. The only Enemy is Satan. Be his fierce enemies and join battle with him and with the sins that install Satan in the hearts of men.

Be tireless in fighting Evil, whichever form it may take. And be patient. There is no limit to the activity of an apostle, because there is no limit to the activity of Evil. The demon never says: “That is enough. I am tired now and I am going to rest”. He is indefatigable. He passes from one man to another as quick as thought, and even quicker, and he tempts and takes, he seduces and tortures and gives no peace. He attacks treacherously and demolishes, if one is not more than vigilant. At times he installs himself as conqueror, encouraged by the weakness of the person he assails, at times he enters as a friend, because the prey he is after, already lives as an ally of the Enemy. Sometimes, when he is cast out of a man, he wanders around and assaults a better prey to avenge himself for the affront suffered at the hands of God or of a servant of God. But you must say what he says: “I will not rest”. He does not rest in order to people hell. You must not rest in order to people Paradise. Give him no quarter. I foretell you that the more you fight him the more he will make you suffer. But you must not worry about that. He can overrun the earth, but he cannot enter Heaven. So he will not be able to trouble you there and all those who have fought him will be in Heaven…  »

Jesus stops abruptly and asks: « Why are you worrying John? What do they want from you? »

John blushes and Bartholomew, Thomas and the Iscariot lower their heads seeing that they have been found out.

« Well? » asks Jesus peremptorily.

« Master, my companions want me to tell You something. »

« Tell Me, then. »

« Today, when You were with the sick man, and we were going round the village, as You told us, we saw a man, who is not a disciple of Yours, and whom we have never seen among those who listen to Your sermons, and he was casting out demons in Your name, in a group of pilgrims going to Jerusalem. And he was successful. He cured a man who trembled so much as to be unable to work, and he made a girl recover the use of speech, which she had lost, because she was assailed in a forest by a demon in the form of a dog, which had tied her tongue. He said: “Go away, cursed demon, in the name of the Lord Jesus, the Christ, the King of the issue of David, the King of Israel. He is the Saviour and the Winner. Flee before His Name!” and the demon really fled. We resented that and we told him that he was not allowed to do so. He said to us: “Am I doing anything wrong? I honour the Christ by clearing His way from demons who are not worthy to see Him”. We replied: “You are not an exorciser according to Israel and you are not a disciple of Christ. You are not allowed to do that”. He said: “One is always allowed to do good things” and he rebelled against our order saying: “And I will continue to do what I am doing”. That is what they wanted me to tell You, particularly because You just said that all those who fight Satan will be in Heaven. »

« All right. That man will be one of them. He was right and you were wrong. The ways of the Lord are infinite and it is not true that only those who take the straight road arrive in Heaven. Everywhere, at all times, in countless different ways, there will be people who will come to Me, even along initially wrong ways. But God will see their good intentions and will lead them on to the right way. Likewise there will be some who through treble concupiscent inebriation will leave the good way to take one that will lead them far away and mislead them all together. So you must never judge your fellow-men. God only sees. Endeavour never to leave the right way, on which the will of God more than your own put you. And when you see one who believes and acts in My Name, do not call him stranger, enemy, or say that he is sacrilegious. He is a friendly faithful subject of Mine, because he believes spontaneously in My Name, and he believes more than many among you. That is why My Name on his lips works miracles like yours, and perhaps greater than yours. God loves him because he loves Me and will end by taking him to Heaven. No one who works miracles in My name can be My enemy or speak ill of Me. On the contrary he honours the Christ and bears witness to faith. I solemnly tell you that belief in My Name is sufficient to save your souls. Because My Name is Salvation. So I say to you: if you see him again, do not hinder him. But call him “brother”, because he is such, even if he is still outside the enclosure of My Fold. He who is not against Me, is with Me. He who is not against you, is with you.  »

« Have we sinned, Lord? » asks John sorrowfully.

« No. You acted out of ignorance, but without malice. So there is no sin. But, since you are now aware of the situation, it would be a sin in future. And now let us go home. Peace be with you.»