Art. 3, paragraph c, of the Statute of the Foundation gives to the Foundation itself the duty to “commission expert translators for the translation of Maria Valtorta’s unpublished works or for the revision of some of her writings which have already been published”; and art. 4 states that the Foundation has to create “a council of translators under the guidance of a coordinator.”

The existing translations of Maria Valtorta’s writings cover the main spoken languages in the world, from the major European languages to several Indian dialects. In some of these translations, especially the major European ones, the Major work has been completely translated and the minor works have been partially or entirely translated. As far as other translations, we are gradually translating and publishing each volume. In others, we have published translations of selected passages or some parts of Maria Valtorta’s works. In still others, such as the Armenian and Indonesian translations, there has been only the proposal of fostering a translation. Overall, it comes to slightly less than 30 languages.

Most of the authors of the existing translations have offered to do the job spontaneously, leaving to the CEV, in its capacity as publisher, the task of verifying the skills of the aspiring translator and compensating his or her performance once their agreement is concluded. Often, the CEV had to assist the translator in solving his doubts that arose about how to interpret certain passages of Maria’s work. It was, finally, a right of the CEV to authorize the publication and the diffusion of a translation with formal agreements, when it was not possible or advisable for them to publish and diffuse it on their own, and the CEV also had the right (and a duty) to block illegal translations or at least fight them with injunctions and legal actions.

The rights and duties concerning the translations have been passed to the Foundation, which will be able to manage them with more competence and authority through the “subsidiary bodies” provided for in the art. 4 of the Statute. Of great importance is the establishment of the “council of translators,” which will serve to increase the communication among the translators of Maria Valtorta’s works where they will be able to exchange experiences and ask questions in order to achieve a better interpretation of the original Italian text and to translate it into the correct literary form of each foreign language.

You can help the project, especially in a professional field, with the support of the authors of the translations, both the ones that already have translated or are currently translating for Maria Valtorta and the ones willing to translate and think they have the right capability to do it. Financial aid, then, serves above all to support the costs of those translations which, even if they are requested, are not compensated enough from the sales, because they are sold in poor countries, or countries whose main religion is not Christian, or even in countries who do not readily accept cultural and religious diffusion.

The works of Maria Valtorta are completely or partially available in the following languages: Albanian – Arabic – Armenian – Czech – Chinese – Korean – Croatian – French – Japanese – Indonesian – English – Lithuanian – Malayalam – Dutch-Flemish – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Rwandese – Slovakian – Slovenian – Spanish – Swahili – Tamil – German – Ukrainian – Hungarian – Vietnamese.