Creating a legal office that, while respecting the standards in force, will decide case by case whether to authorize or not the usage of Maria Valtorta’s works and pictures and that will be able to oppose forgeries and illegal copies of her works.

Maria Valtorta’s main work, after experiencing an irreparable damage of a “religious” negligence, was transformed, by the will of Maria Valtorta herself (who always followed our Lord’s will), into a more “laic” work, which allowed her to publish and spread it more easily. So, the main work followed the rules of whoever has to travel into the world but it’s not part of the world itself.

The publishing contract, signed on October 6, 1952, by Maria Valtorta and Michele Pisani, recognised Maria as “author” with the relative rights and obligations. The obligations, however, would have migrated to the publishing house, which, starting from the second edition of the Main Work, began to take care of works to which normally the author would have been entitled, like collations of the printed text with the original autographs or the compilation of the notes. This way, the rights of the author mixed with the rights of the author-publisher, not only in the main work but also in other works, published in successive stages and in like manner.

By deviating from a religious path, the laic path has made the right decision in order to meet a revision of the initial ecclesiastic disciplinary measures. The letter of the CEI to the Publisher, written on May 6, 1992, not finding anything that contrary to faith and morality inside Maria Valtorta’s main work, allows believers to read it as it is, as long as they consider that the book has a declared author (Maria Valtorta) and a title (The Gospel as Revealed to Me) which has been invented by the author who was exercising her right to express her own belief, without trying to influence the reader’s mind.

The Statute of the Foundation states – art. no. 3, letter d, and art. no. 4 – the legitimate exercise of the copyrights in order to defend Maria Valtorta’s works and own person from every form of abuse, counterfeiting and exploitation. The project of the Foundation, in this regard, is to be able to have expert professionals in literary property and copyrights. We are sure some of them are among the readers of Maria Valtorta’s works: these readers are invited to contact the Foundation.