An Outline on the Manuscripts
The original manuscripts are the most valuable part of Valtorta’s heritage. They are irreplaceable documents as a source of study. They show in what way and by what means Maria Valtorta wrote. The Valtortiano Publishing Center (CEV) has already published the Maria Valtorta notebooks catalogue that describes the 122 notebooks, one by one in every detail: the appearance, size, packaging, number of pages and their contents with reference to the printed books. In the appendix, it reproduces sample copies of some of the covers of the notebooks, in addition to some manuscript pages.

The Conservation Project
At present, the 122 autographed notebooks are carefully stored in a suitable climatic environment, protected from light and dust. However, it is not possible to completely block the natural deterioration process that will make the scripts fade beyond repair. Only digitalization can make it easy to refer to these manuscripts without any damage, and form an electronic archive that can be accessed with the available technologies and with the necessary permission.



The Costs of the Project
Financially maintaining this project is challenging and demanding for the Foundation with an estimated cost around 30,000 Euros. The delicate condition of the original notebooks, and their historical and cultural importance necessitates all handling to be done on the very premises of the Foundation, in complete security and autonomy, only accommodating external operators, if it is deemed necessary. The large number of manuscript pages to be scanned requires the purchase or rental of suitable equipment.

Support the Project
Even a small donation can help achieve the goal of safeguarding this precious heritage. In the past, many readers have asked to see the original manuscripts, but we always had to deny them permission. Your help will allow us to give them that chance. You can follow the developments of the project directly on the Foundation website.

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