The original notebooks are the most precious part of Valtortian heritage. They show how and with what means Maria Valtorta wrote and documented the authenticity of her writings reproduced in printed editions.


 Maria Valtorta, as an author, and Michele Pisani, as a publisher, signed the publishing contract for the Main Work in Viareggio on the 6th October 1952. It states that “Ms. Maria Valtorta gives Casa Pisani the autograph of the given book”. However, the original notebooks stayed in Viareggio, jealously kept in a wardrobe of the sick writer’s bedroom, while the Pisani editor was given one of the typewritten copies of the Work, followed by Fr. Romauldo M. Migliorini, who was Maria Valtorta’s spiritual director. The typewritten copy, collected in folders, served as the original typography for the text of the first edition of the Main Work, which was released in four large and malformed volumes.

Emilio Pisani, Michele’s son, was tasked with preparing the new edition and gradually picking up the handwritten notebooks from Viareggio to collate Maria Valtorta’s original writings (word by word) with the text of the first edition of the Main Work, marking corrections on the printed paper, unbundled for work convenience. The errors and differences to be corrected were due in part to the typed transcription and also to the subsequent typographical transcription.

The new edition, typographed on correct pages, was the first to be subdivided more appropriately into ten volumes. A successive edition of ten volumes was treated with renewed collation between the printed text of the previous edition and Maria Valtorta’s original manuscript, whose notebooks were, in the meantime, in the possession of the Centro Editoriale Valtortiano.

The contents of the catalogued notebooks correspond both to the content of the major work, which is constituted of ten printed volumes of  The Gospel as Revealed to Me, and to the content of the singular printed volumes of the following minor works: The Notebooks of 1943, The Notebooks of 1944, The Notebooks of 1945-1950, The Book of Azariah, Lessons on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

The Centro Editoriale Valtortiano (CEV), became the owner of Valtorta’s original notebooks as provisions of her will, which conferred the ownership of the same to the “Fondazione Maria Valtorta Cev – onlus”, established in 2010 by the CEV itself and of the spouses Emilio Pisani and Claudia Vecchiarelli, editors and historical curators of Maria Valtorta’s work.

The Foundation, which looks after the notebooks with the utmost of care, also wanted to preserve them from the wear of time by reproducing the pages with digitalization technology, designed to create a safer electronic archive next to the paper archive.

Extract from the first notebook, first 35 pages