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1Only God is. Only He can say, 'I am. I am through Myself.' All others are because He makes them be. (Book of Azaria, February 24th, 1946)
2[…] the Holy Name of God. By this name, which means love and salvation, He will be your defense and your guide and your comfort. With all your actions write his Most Holy Name upon your whole self and do not fear. (Book of Azaria, March 3rd, 1946)
3The Word of God is Absolution and Communion, which is Chrism and Viaticum, which is everything for those who live in Him. (Book of Azaria, March 3rd, 1946)
4Indeed, only those who love meditate on and relish anew the words of Him whom they love, and in doing so they eliminate distances and melt in love. And only one who loves with true love reaches out to welcome what the Beloved commands. (Book of Azaria, March 17th, 1946)
5Perfect obedience is worth a thousand prayers. (Book of Azaria, March 24th, 1946)
6What makes angels great is their promptness in obedience at the sound of the words of God. (Book of Azaria, March 24th, 1946)
7Disregard the vain discourse of men if it is superficial, so as not to have to account for time wasted on sterile things. (Book of Azaria, March 24th, 1946)
8God, though sufficing unto Himself to accomplish any prodigy, does not deprive his children of the right to cooperate with the Father's concerns, the right to contribute to the prosperity of the Father's House. (Book of Azaria, March 31th, 1946)
9Satan works where there are places empty of God. (Book of Azaria, March 31th, 1946)
10Without His Blood, without His Immolation fulfilled through the Holy Spirit _ that is, through Love _ neither on Earth nor in Heaven would you have been able to serve the living God. (Book of Azaria, April 7th, 1946)
11One must practice the teachings, make their fruits and those of the Sacraments act, not out of calculation to have praise on Earth and a good place in Heaven, but out of the super-spiritual desire to honor the Lord. (Book of Azaria, April 28th, 1946)
12Obedience is seen and blessed by God as the greatest of the meritorious works by man. (Book of Azaria, May 12th, 1946)
13Generosity ought to be responded to with generosity. (Book of Azaria, May 26th, 1946)
14To listen and not practice, believe oneself saved because one has gone to listen, is to deceive oneself. (Book of Azaria, May 26th, 1946)
15What is, then, the true religion, the true practice of the Word which has become Doctrine? That which turns into good works. (Book of Azaria, May 26th, 1946)
16But blessed are those who are able to pray for the spirit and for spiritual things. More blessed are those who are able to pray not even to ask for holy things, but to say, "You, that know what is best for me, give me what's best." Most blessed are those who come to forget about themselves and asking God to do what is best, but say only, "I pray that what is for your glory and what may serve to sanctify my brothers and sisters may be accomplished." (Book of Azaria, June 2nd, 1946)
17In necessity? Raise one's spiritual gaze to God. In the satisfaction of grace obtained? Raise one's spiritual gaze to God. In sorrow? Raise one's spiritual gaze to God. In solitudes? Raise one's spiritual gaze to God. To receive help, to thank Him, to share your joy with Him, to have someone showing compassion for your sorrow, so as not to be alone. (Book of Azaria, June 2nd, 1946)
18Every sin, every omission, and every imperfection: what is it but a momentary or persistent collapse of love in man? Mortal, obstinate, impenitent sin is the persistent collapse of love, the coma, the mortal agony ending in eternal death. (Book of Azaria, June 2nd, 1946)
19The one that converts is love. (Book of Azaria, June 2nd, 1946)
20[Renewed] love makes up for the more or less serious collapse of love which had occurred [in the past]. (Book of Azaria, June 2nd, 1946)
21If man were able to love, he would see, reflect, and understand. The proportions of seeing, understanding, and reflecting are given by the degree of love reached by the soul. (Book of Azaria, June 9th, 1946)
22In God there is Obedience in the Son, Agreement in the Spirit to shine alongside the Power of the Father. (Book of Azaria, June 9th, 1946)
23The Father manifests Himself for the first time in Creation. An immense Epiphany of the Power which has made everything from nothing. (Book of Azaria, June 9th, 1946)
24Every soul, to deserve Love, must, with its own will, want Love and must maintain itself worthy of Love by obedience and unwearying prayer. (Book of Azaria, June 9th, 1946)
25Many are the learned, but few those who join justice to learning. And why? Because they know what God is, but do not want to take this knowledge from the brain to the heart, to the spirit, and they are learned, but they are not just, do not evolve from human into spiritual creatures. (Book of Azaria, June 9th, 1946)
26Faith, to be true, must be bold. Heroically bold against all the things that are created to deride it, oppose it, and demolish it. The world and the flesh, in addition to Satan, constitute the enemies of faith against which one must be eternally bold. The goodness of God is such that He grants the glory of martyrdom not only to the actual martyrs who die in their blood for the Faith, but also to those who, against everything and everyone, are able to remain faithful, integrally faithful to the Lord. (Book of Azaria, June 16th, 1946)
27Faith, supported by Hope, and, above all, by Charity, does not collapse for any reason and triumphs. Faith is knowledge which comes from love . The stronger love is, the stronger faith is, for love brings God to be known . (Book of Azaria, June 16th, 1946)
28Paul, the great 'voice,' assures you that the inscrutable ways of God and his judgments, incomprehensible to men, are just and good, rich in divine wisdom and knowledge. He does not err, but those who claim to be more than God and, with their works, if not with their words, show they regard themselves as worthy to counsel God. And they speak while God's eye measures them and do not think that everything is a test and do not fear being punished because they have failed the test. And they do not tremble at showing they have not fulfilled love: loving themselves, but not loving either God or the creature. (Book of Azaria, June 16th, 1946)
29Overcome the fear which paralyzes love, confidence, and prayer. Overcome the fear which still shows in you ignorance of God and of His power, and also shows a faith in God that is not good. (Book of Azaria, June 23rd, 1946)
30The son who does not respect his parents and oppresses them with pretensions and egoism, he who harms his neighbor with violence, theft, calumny, and adultery, is a murderer. (Book of Azaria, June 23th, 1946)
31The perfection of love is in sacrifice. (Book of Azaria, June 23rd, 1946)
32Trust must not cancel out humility, nor should the recognition of your weaknesses cancel out trust in the goodness of the Lord. A soul which possessed one of these two elements, but lacked the other, would be imperfect and proceed with difficulty on the ways of perfection. (Book of Azaria, June 30th, 1946)
33Contradiction regarding a good work, persecution of an innocent soul, is the most certain probative sign, never lacking, that this work is of God and that this soul is in the service of God. […] when one is persecuted without having deserved persecution, that when a good work is opposed, it is because Satan hates them. And the hatred of Satan is always against the place where God is. Rejoice, then, because you are persecuted and contradicted, for this is the sign that you are in God and your Work is of God. […] For the world hates, persecutes, and scorns whoever is of God (Book of Azaria, July 7th, 1946)
34A precise knowledge of Faith and a just application of the Gospel - wherein, when it is applied to perfection, the whole ancient religion is fused to the Christian religion - impede the creation of heresies and sects, of blameworthy exaltation or coldness, and a holy will of love destroys with its fire the venomous plants of heresies and sects. It is always love which saves and conserves. It is not fanatic exaltation or freezing sternness. It is being Christians as Christ wanted. (Book of Azaria, July 7th, 1946)
35Everything is providence which lovingly follows a benevolent design. (Book of Azaria, July 28th, 1946)
36Always remember that your Lord and mine has taught you that the force which obtains God's forgiveness for a sinner is forgiveness of offense. (Book of Azaria, August 4th, 1946)
37Who is Christ, the real and mystical Christ? He is the Living Temple of God. In Him rests the Promise and the Law, and the Manna is deposited, and the Divinity shines in its Triune Glory. This is the real Christ. The mystical Christ is, moreover, that Body where He is the Head and the faithful, members, and whose name is Church. […] The gratitude of spirits to Jesus Most Holy, through whom Mercy spreads, should be in proportion to the greatness of the gift and the holiness of the Giver—that is, it should be perfect and complete, for perfect and infinite was the self-giving of Jesus Christ, God and Man […] (Azariah, august 4th, 1946)
38For incurable Evil is not to have been born in the darkness of Gentilism or an idolatry or even in the haze of a heretical faith in which a recollection of the Truth, of the parts of the True Religion, persists _ but they are deprived of Life because that religion is separated from the Mystical Body, which is the only living Body. Evil is, rather, to live, after being born in the Church, to live as heretics, pagans, separated, and dead because of sin. There is no Life outside the Roman Church. But all can enter into Life, and the Roman Church does not refuse to receive within her the 'dead,' those proceeding from other religions, whether revealed or idolatrous, and bring them forth to Life. (Book of Azaria, August 18th, 1946)
39Money is one of the traps Satan has created for man's ruin. But, like everything which Evil has created, it can be redeemed. The great Sin is redeemed through the sacrifice of Christ. Wealth can also be redeemed if used for a holy purpose. And, I tell you, there is no purpose holier than to use wealth for the works of mercy. (Book of Azaria, August 18th, 1946)
40Whoever prays for himself alone is not a good Catholic. Whoever thinks of his future glory, his present needs, his struggles and his labors and does not think of the Mother's glory, her needs, her struggles, and her labors to gather together and generate for the Truth, Life, Way, and Light the poor brothers who are like orphans without a father or mother on Earth or in Heaven because they are outside the Family in which the Father is God, the Mother is the Church, and the brothers and sisters are the saints and Catholics is not a good son of the Church of Christ. (Book of Azaria, August 18th, 1946)
41If Satan had really been 'invincible' for men, God would not have left this 'evil thing.' But in his perfect evil Satan contributes to the glorification of the heroes of the spirit, the Lord's true faithful ones. (Book of Azaria, September 15th, 1946)
42This living without peace is the fruit of having made materialism the law of his life. If man were spiritual, in his affections and thoughts, he would not tremble like this. (Book of Azaria, October 20th, 1946)
43The presence of the Spirit of God divinizes man; pride deprives him of this Spirit, and man descends. (Book of Azaria, October 27th, 1946)
44Let man, therefore, renew his thought in heroic faithfulness to sincerity. Sincerity with all and in all cases, without reflecting about possible gains coming from lying and possible harm coming from being sincere. (Book of Azaria, October 20th, 1946)
45Prudence in words. How much people sin with words! Licentious words, words of complaint, words of wrath, useless words. Be capable of keeping watch over the tongue, making it an organ of praise for God and edification for your brothers, and not an instrument for wounding or uproar. (Book of Azaria, October 27th, 1946)
46A god and a beast are hidden in man. At the center, acting as an axis for the scale of these two opposing forces, there stand man's will, his reason, his moral sphere, and the needle of the scale is subject to continuous jolts. (Book of Azaria, November 3rd, 1946)
47The glory of God comes from the knowledge of God. Where there is ignorance of God, His glory does not even exist, for ignorance combats the Lord because it does not know Him. In not knowing Him, it does not love Him and does not seek out His words. It lives in sin, therefore, more out of ignorance than through a will to sin. (Book of Azaria, November 24th, 1946)
48For this life is a continuous struggle, always new, full of uncertainties and surprises, a struggle which would weary even a hero, if he were not supported by something more than the earthly. This something is God and his Law, and his promises, it is the certainty of the future life. (Book of Azaria, December 8th, 1946)
49Do not worry, but turn to God in everything with prayers and entreaties joined to thanksgiving. And remain in peace. Charity, faith, hope, humility, trust in God and for God, and obedience to His wishes yield this peace surpassing all intelligence. May it be in you. (Book of Azaria, December 15th, 1946)


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