New english website

The Foundation website is now available also in English language with most of the contents and the Sunday Gospels service.





Daily Sentence

Who is Christ, the real and mystical Christ? He is the Living Temple of God. In Him rests the Promise and the Law, and the Manna is deposited, and the Divinity shines in its Triune Glory. This is the real Christ. The mystical Christ is, moreover, that Body where He is the Head and the faithful, members, and whose name is Church. […] The gratitude of spirits to Jesus Most Holy, through whom Mercy spreads, should be in proportion to the greatness of the gift and the holiness of the Giver—that is, it should be perfect and complete, for perfect and infinite was the self-giving of Jesus Christ, God and Man […]
Azariah, august 4th, 1946

Foundation Maria Valtorta Cev - Onlus

The Foundation, recognized as a legal entity with an “onlus” qualification (non-profit organization), has one main purpose: to preserve, cherish, cure, protect, divulge and enhance, to the advantage of everyone on earth and without asking for money, Maria Valtorta’s cultural heritage, made by her moral and material heritage.