• The Maria Valtorta CEV Foundation

    The Maria Valtorta CEV Foundation

    The Foundation headquarters in Isola del Liri

  • The House-Museum in Viareggio

    The House-Museum in Viareggio

    Valtorta's House - Via Fratti - Viareggio

Foundation Maria Valtorta Cev - Onlus

The Foundation has one main purpose: to preserve, cherish, cure, protect, divulge and enhance, to the advantage of everyone on earth the Maria Valtorta’s cultural heritage, made by her moral and material heritage.

Bollettino Valtortiano 96

Il nuovo numero del “Bollettino Valtortiano” è online. Scaricalo direttamente sul tuo computer e aiutaci a diffondere la conoscenza di Maria Valtorta e delle sue opere condividendolo con i tuoi amici. scarica e leggi il Bollettino Valtortiano n° 96


Press Release – New French edition of the Gospel as Revealed to Me

On next 23 March 2017 a press conference will be held in Paris for  the presentation of the new French edition of the Gospel as Revealed to Me. Details in the document attached. Download the document here (French): Communique de presse


New english website

The Foundation website is now available also in the English language, containing most of the website content as well as the Sunday Gospels service.





Daily Sentence

One must practice the teachings, make their fruits and those of the Sacraments act, not out of calculation to have praise on Earth and a good place in Heaven, but out of the super-spiritual desire to honor the Lord.
Book of Azaria, April 28th, 1946